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  • Fed up of Instagram?
  • Embarrassed by how your IG account looks?
  • Want to stand out from the competition?

You need Postagrid®😉 

In May, we are opening Postagrid Academy to teach you how to create and maintain your own Postagrid.

  • No templates
  • No apps with generic styles
  • 100% customised design system

Why Postagrid?

Instagram seemed like the perfect platform for a graphic designer to create a public portfolio. But, when Colette Stevenson tried to find her voice there, everything got lost.

The tiny squares caused Colette’s content to appear cluttered and disorganised.

Colette experimented with different grid styles but was frustrated.

She felt limited and restricted. Everything either looked a mess or looked like everyone else. So, she began experimenting with an idea that had been percolating for some time.

Though Colette wanted something easy, she also wanted a grid with real WOW factor; a grid that would stand out from the crowd as completely unique AND jaw-droppingly beautiful.

So, Colette devised an innovative system of posting that delivers a stunning, infinitely-scrolling grid which she could add to as often or infrequently as she wants.

Goodbye Pressure. Hello Impact.

Next, came the realisation that there were other people, just like you, who would also fall in love with this whole new approach to Instagram.

And – ta-da – the Postagrid Academy was born.

Now, you too can capture the power of Postagrid and take your Instagram experience to the next level.

Are you ready?


Postagrid Essentials Training

Join us in Essentials Training and we’ll help you explore YOU, YOUR business and YOUR brand. Then we’ll give you all the skills to create a powerful Postagrid® with unrivalled visual impact to attract, engage, and impress your ideal followers. Plus, you’ll be part of a vibrant Postagrid Community who will be there to support you every step of the way!

 Next round starts 9th May 2022

Postagrid extreme Training

If you want to add all the bells and whistles to your Postagrid®, our Extreme Training is for you. Once you’ve mastered your brand and the essential skills to create and maintain your Postagrid, we’ll show you how to include all the advanced features of Instagram as well as more ways to post, extra support with content and lots, lots more!


Next round starts in June 2022

Postagrid Commercial Training

Empowered with all the essential and extreme skills of Postagrid®, you have the amazing opportunity to turn your new skills into your very own business. The Commercial Training will provide you with the business skills, the strategy, and the commercial licence to offer this unique service to your own clients.


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