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The Art of Instagramming for Brands that want Impact.


June 7th

10:30-14:30 BST

Learn Postagrid in a Day

Endless Possibility

  •  Fed up with Instagram?
  • Embarrassed by how your IG account looks?
  • Want to have an amazing feed that draws people into your world?
  • Would you love to work faster, smarter AND more creatively when creating content?

Then, you need Postagrid.

Attract, engage, and impress your ideal followers by transforming your Instagram feed into a landing page with unrivalled visual impact. 


Thursday, June 7th, 10:30-14:30 BST*

Learn all the secrets in a single Zoom workshop!

  • No templates
  • No apps with generic styles
  • 100% customised design system


* Demonstrations from the creator of Postagrid, Colette Stevenson

* Opportunities to practice the strategies and techniques while being supported

* Live feedback and support

* Presets and workbooks you can use anytime

* Zoom room opens at 10 am for introductions, pre-questions, and more – the first 30 minutes are optional. The workshop commences at 10:30.

PRICE: £380
Early Bird Price: £323
Use Coupon Code: PIADEB15 [Valid until May 20th]

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Why Postagrid?

Instagram seemed like the perfect platform for a graphic designer to create a public portfolio. But, when Colette Stevenson tried to find her voice there, everything got lost.

The tiny squares caused Colette’s content to appear cluttered and disorganised.

Colette experimented with different grid styles but was frustrated.

She felt limited and restricted. Everything either looked a mess or looked like everyone else. So, she began experimenting with an idea that had been percolating for some time.

Though Colette wanted something easy, she also wanted a grid with real WOW factor; a grid that would stand out from the crowd as completely unique AND jaw-droppingly beautiful.

So, Colette devised an innovative system of posting that delivers a stunning, infinitely-scrolling grid which she could add to as often or infrequently as she wants.

Goodbye Pressure. Hello Impact.

Next, came the realisation that there were other people, just like you, who would also fall in love with this whole new approach to Instagram.

And – ta-da – the Postagrid Academy was born.

Now, you too can capture the power of Postagrid and take your Instagram experience to the next level.

Are you ready?


What People are Saying

Postagrid in a Day review... No longer will I have grid envy! No longer will I need to direct enquiries to my other more polished social platforms. I can have a grid to be proud of.
You have given me back so much time I would previously spend faffing on canva!
A Powerful grid that is getting me noticed
Took part
Having just done Postagrid in a Day, I can't recommend this enough!!
I've just attended Colette's POSTAGRID in a Day masterclass & found it fascinating, informative and beneficial in equal measure. Colette's delivery was clear, simple to understand, & well broken down into easily understandable sections. Her approach was helpful & sympathetic (it's a lot to take in!) and the supporting information was spot on. I feel ready to POSTAGRID like mad now, and am confident that I'll be able to create a much better feed than I've ever had time or brain space to do before - and it will look amazing! I will no longer suffer the agonies of grid-envy. Thanks Colette!
I'm totally addicted! I could do this all-day. It makes creating content so much easier as it engages my creative brain.
Fantastic training today. Thank you. Of course there there will be nothing else done now. Just playing with grids!
Hey Colette! I think I've got it sorted - the instructions and training were/are excellent. I had a great time on the training - thanks for doing it even though you have Covid!
A year on, I still love postagrid. I've found creativity I didn't even know I had. Best course I've ever taken.
Magical course

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